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Status of District Hospital, Sub-Divitional Hospital and State General Hospital

SL No. Hospital Name   Type No. of Beds   SNCU/SNSU CeMOC/BeMOC Blood Bank/BSU
1   District Hospital, Jalpaiguri DH 610   SNCU - Functional CeMOC Blood Bank
2   Alipurduar Sub-Divitional Hospital SDH 225   SNCU- Under Process CeMOC Blood Bank
3   Mal Sub-Divitional Hospital SDH 100   SNSU - Functional CeMOC BSU
4   Birpara State General Hospital SGH 100   SNCU- Under Process CeMOC



 Services Available at district Hospital, Jalpaiguri

Medicine Psychiatric General Surgery
Pediatric SNCU ITU
Eye ENT Dental
Thalasaemia Unit Homeopathy OPD NCD & Geriatric Clinic
ICTC Adolescent Clinic Acupuncture Clinic
PP Unit Blood Bank Pathology
ECG, X-ray & USG CT Scan (Under PPP) RSBY
District Health Administrative Building, 1st Floor, Hospital Road, Jalpaiguri-735101: 91-3561-225380 / + 91-3561-232001. Central Fax: + 91-3561-232001
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DH&FW Samity, Jalpaiguri